Are you a big fan of astrology?

Have you ever wondered why gemstones are reminiscent of the spasm of stars in the galaxy? Do you have that sense of wonder of knowing about these wonderful creations of nature? Are you a big fan of astrology and would like to venture into another aspect of the universe? Are you curious about the impact and meaning of these gemstones in regards to your destiny? Or do you just simply want to know more about these gemstones for knowledge sake? If you answered yes to any of those questions, this is a blog for you.

astrologyStep into a world where astrology meets the beauty and dynamic of gemstones. Not only are these sparkly, colourful, beautiful and enticing objects a big parts of human history, they carry with them a sense of inspiration that would ignite your imaginative view of the world and far beyond. Their essence and most especially, their aesthetic appeal are a big part of different cultures, thus they are an important aspect of human existence.

From comets to planets, to supernovas and to the formation of stars, the relationship of gemstones to astrology is nonetheless a key aspect of understanding their formation and influence to the lives of many.

horoscopeThe different factors that shaped the universe such as temperature, time and pressure are also the reasons behind why there are so many varieties of gemstones formed. It reflects the lives of people because of how rare these precious stones are, and a part of the reasons why they are deemed precious is because they are formed in extreme circumstances which add to their aesthetic appeal. Since the time of the ancient Greeks, a moment of history where science is a cornerstone of human civilization and knowledge, astrology is a big part of discovery and along with it came the belief that gemstones are linked to different aspects of the universe such as the stars and their patterns.

Just as how people were fascinated by the nature of the stars, their fascination transcended towards the gemstones because these objects depicted the same magic, intrigue and awesomeness that stars in the night sky offered. That fascination led to their extensive use in fashion, arts, fortune telling, monarchy and lifestyle. Their value nowadays is an undeniable factor and it goes beyond the value of money for these precious stones carry with them knowledge of history, culture and most especially, sentimental value because their use in jewellery is a big part of human connection especially as family heirlooms and emblems.

image_astrologyTheir use as part of jewellery making reflects the understanding of humanity that they are valuable and that value comes into play in events such as weddings because the gemstones used in wedding rings carry with them the desires and persona of a couple. Thus, these objects are not merely attractive facets for the eyes of many; they also carry with them the wealth of the universe. Their connection to the months and the alignment of planets is also a big part of fortune telling and thus, their significance to the horoscope and destiny of people in connection to astrology is a practice that is observed until today.

So now that you have a brief background about these gemstones it is now time to explore this blog and enrich your knowledge, understanding and appreciation towards these objects. You will soon see yourself awestruck by the variety and appearance of this stones and their connection with the different aspects of the universe. From diamonds, to sapphires, to emeralds, there is a long list of gemstones for you to discover for yourself or to share to your friends. You’ll never know their impact to your life unless you embrace their influence and worth in society and to your own lifestyle; you’ll never know unless you try to familiarize with these gemstones better, and what better way to do so than through this blog.

Feel free to scroll, click, search and read away your intuitions and fascination because the answers you desire about these gemstones are just a mouse click away.